Dog walkers can earn £64,000 a year!


  • Britain’s latest exercise in job creation is the professional dog-walker
  • Survey: Walking 13 dogs a day can exceed national average annual salary
  • Carers prepared to look after pets overnight can make up to £64,000
  • Internet is playing increasingly important role in professional dog-walking 

You see them in parks on a weekday lunchtime, being dragged along helplessly in the wake of a disparate pack of dogs such as pugs, dachshunds and terriers.

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Heres another fantastic infographic from the guys at

Following on from our dog anatomydog world records and dog training information infographics we’ve researched how a dog goes from just a couple of a cells to a walking, barking canine companion.

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Dog Training – Facts and Figures

We at Houndstretcher love the below infographic produced by Pet 365 after they set up a survey and got thousands of responses from dog owners from around the world (mostly UK and USA)

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